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The Batman

I worked on The Batman, the animated series that aired on The kids WB for 3 series.  I truly loved working on this show, regardless of  how challenging it was.  I was a sound effects editor for this series working with the seasoned pros at Hacienda Post in Los Angeles.  I received 3 Emmys awards, 4 Emmy nominations, and 1 Golden Reel award while editing sound for this show.  Every episode was an adventure and more exciting than the last.

My favorite story from this series happened very early on in the first season that I was working on the show.  When guys at Hacienda had hired me they assured me how easy it was going to be working on the show since they had already done a complete season and had already built many of the sounds for the iconic and re-occuring items, like the bat moble, bat boat, bat cave and so forth.  They had build a template session making it easy for editors to copy needed elements into the shows.

Well wouldn’t you know, one Friday afternoon I get a phone call from my supervisor to inform me that the video team had just handed him an episode in which the bat mobile gets blown up and a new one built.  This new batmobile was to run on “nano technology” and was going to be nothing like the last.  Therefore I was told, “it should NOT sound like a car or like a jet”.  That was pretty much the direction I got and was asked to create something new that weekend to play for the producers Monday morning!

I worked all weekend generating some new elements using my favorite plug-ins at the time, Pluggo and Mode from the folks at Cycling 74.  I modulated some animal roars for the growling movement of the vehicle, generated some higher pitched elements with a Pluggo synthesizer for a high tech engine sound and about 25 tracks of other elements.

Turns out everyone loved the new batmoble as delivered that Monday morning and we cut from my new batmobile template for the rest of the shows in the coming yeears.