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Pandora Web Spots

Over the summer I created sound design and mixed a series of 4 spots for the popular web radio site Pandora.  The spots were created by my old friend Nick Seuser and his company 129 films.  Nick and his crew did a really amazing job of promoting Pandora and the music heard on the site without using any of the artists original music!  These spots were created very quickly but it does not show.  I had a great time working on these.

The biggest challenge with these spots was the beginning of the spots where I worked to make the VO sound as though it was coming from the satellite and traveling around the earth.  For this effect I relied on one of my favorite plug-ins, Speakerphone!  It is made by the guys at Audioease, the same guys who make Alti-verb, the best reverb plug-in around.  This is a really great tool that allows you to do multiple functions that traditionally would require multiple plug-ins.  With Speakersphone I could do almost everything I needed right there in one window.  I applied and automated distortion, automated eq level and frequency, modified and automated reverb parameters and other things.  Check it out, let me know what you think!