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Lego Indy 2

My crew and I recently finished working on the Indiana Jones LEGO 2 video game for TT games and Lucas Arts.

For the past few months I’ve been supervising the sound editorial and mixing of the cut-scenes for this exciting follow up to the huge hit from last year, on which I performed the same tasks.  This year we had 83 cut-scene movies with an average of 35 seconds each.  I enlisted the help of 3 trusted friends and co-workers, Pete Horner, Tom Syslo and Jeremy Bowker  to get the job done well and on time.  The game looks really amazing this year and the cut-scenes were super fun to work on.

Three of us worked at Skywalker Sound, while Tom remained in L.A.  I built a custom Filemaker pro database which tracked all of the moving parts of the project. Things like- movie deliveries and revisions, music, dialog, and sound fx status.  I also implemented a container field to attach each movie within each record.  This was very valuable in allowing us to quickly associate each record title with the movie itself.  When your dealing with 80 some movies in short order it can get very confusing. We utilized the awesome fiber channel storage system at Skywalker and coupled it with a great little custom program built by Steve Slanec at Slanecon Digital called Session Hub.  I know we would not have been as efficient without it.