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The Old Republic Trailer

Trailer for The Old Republic, an upcoming title co-produced by LucasArts and Bioware.

This is the first trailer for the newly announced  MMORG from Bioware and LucasArtsThe Old Republic.  It was a super fun and very rewarding project to work on.

I was a foley editor, sound effects editor and the re-recording mixer for this piece.  The concept and animation was created but the guys at Blur, who led by Dave Wilson, did an amazing job.   Not unlike so many other jobs, the video was delivered to us very close to the air date, giving the sound team about a week to do the sound editorial, ADR (for all of the warriors), foley and the mixing.  This was a lot to accomplish in that time frame.

David Collins, the supervising sound editor, led his team at LucasArts, working thru the weekend and filling out most of the needed sound effects.  I started on Monday morning, with David in an edit station next to me cutting in sections that still needed to be completed.  It was hairy at first as we still had SO much ground yet to cover, but by the third and final mixing day we were in really good shape.

One good story I remember from these sessions was how I came up with one of the elements for the Light Saber falling to the ground shot.  We were near the end of the second day of mixing and this section had no sound effects cut for it yet.  We had something from foley but it was not enough.   I was feeling very pressured to get this part done and done quickly.  Of course this is a very stylized section so it had to be good.   There was the added pressure that Todd Davies, the audio lead from Bioware and his wife were sitting right behind me watching every move!

So, I’m cutting away and getting close, but was still feeling like something was missing for the metal drop and I could not quite find the sound I was looking for.  We all started talking about it, when I believe Todd’s wife says something to the effect of, “your bracelet might work well.”  She was referring to my thick and fairly heavy silver bracelet.  I agreed and pulled out my iphone recorder and began carefully dropping my bracelet on the floor of the mix room.  I was using the app “Recorder” by retronyms, which allows you to fly the sounds you record wirelessly to a computer.  So after recording a few drops  I was then able to fly the sounds directly into the Protools session I was mixing.  It worked great, it added a bit of high end shine with some weight and thus finish the sound of the saber.