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The Old Republic Trailer 2

This is the 2nd trailer that was created by Blur in Santa Monica for the upcoming Bioware and Lucasarts joint venture title The Old Republic. This was another intense project with lots of action and amazing visuals to match sound to.  I was in the middle of production on The Force Unleashed 2 as this one came down, so I enlisted some editorial help from my friend Pete Horner.  Other editorial work was done by the talented guys at LEC including Tom Bible and David Collins.

This trailer was mixed on a Digidesign D-command and three separate ProTools rigs in a “Pod” room at Skywalker Sound.  We set up the Fx and Foley on one machine, the Dialog and Music on another for playback and recorded to a third rig.  The D-command makes it really easy to control multiple machines from one control surface.  We also used Synergy to make switching between the multiple machines a snap.  Enjoy!