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The Force Unleashed 2 “Snow” :30

Here is a spot I had the pleasure to do all of the sound editorial, sfx design and mix on.  Dare I refer to a project like this as a “TV” spot anymore as all of this media is used in so many avenues now.  I’m never really sure of the life span of it.  There are  still times that they go to broadcast only.  Although more often than not, the same spots are now used in broadcast, internet sites, large conferences and media events and more.  This can make these projects quite a challenge to mix!   Basically I find that I  have to work to the lowest common denominator.  Which I believe has actually gotten lower since the rise of the internet age.

These days instead of full bandwidth mono with 10 – 12 db of dynamic range playing over a small tv speaker in someones living room.  We now have deal with lossy data compression,  pseudo stereo,  8 – 10 db of dynamic range playing over even smaller laptop speakers with less amplification and in a huge variety of environments!  I have to admit that sometimes we are given the opportunity to mix multiple versions, however more often than not, its a one size fits all scenario.  This being the case, I rarely will limit the frequency output of the final product much.  Rather I let the playback medium itself dictate the response curve.

This spot is one of these one for all versions.  I think it turned out well, however there is plenty of detail that you don’t get on your laptop speakers.  So, if possible, check it out on something larger!  : )